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Hattiesburg, MS has been very welcoming for the Synergetic® Myofascial Therapy Certification program of Mind and Body, Inc., and as such, it has been a great place for me to teach over the years. The Healing Touch Career College is a wonderful host, and I always find the students there open to learning new therapies and techniques. For this, I am very grateful and wish to express my gratitude to all with a heartfelt “Thanks!”

Over the weekend of March 21-23, I lead a sizable group of men and women through the Level 1 program. Please see the photo above to see the participants, now graduates of SMT Level !. They include: (top) Brian Pittman, Elaine Harper, Jacinth Thomas, Quiana Pope, Donna Harris; (middle) Jenn Jackson, Amber Hull, Nyanza Steward, JoAnne Giles, Jessica Tiner, Ashley Ladner, Arielle Testa, Courtney Rogers; and (bottom) Mario Murray, Angel Boyd, Miesha Yarbrough, Jessica Collins, Irene Prestenbach, Naomi Jarrell. Congratulations to you all!

The next step from Level 1, where I teach the first 3 sessions of the 10-session series, inspired by the work of Dr. Ida P. Rolf, is Level 2, which includes session 4 and 5 — the lower and upper core sessions. The next Level 2 seminar to be held will be in Jackson, Mississippi over October 17- 19, 2014 at the Healing Touch Career College. See my schedule on, HERE.

SMT includes 10 sessions of structural myofascial bodywork evolved from the 10 myofascial sessions of Dr. Ida P. Rolf. I am a national board certified Structural Integrator (SI). I teach the 10 sessions approved by NCBTMB, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama & Florida to any hands-on healing practitioner. We are not Rolfers ™ nor do I certify Structural Integrators. I certify SMT practitioners after completion of all 5 levels and 200 hours of training.

If you would like to join me in learning this wonderful, health-promoting and beneficial training, please see our schedule, HERE. You can find out more about it at my website, Thanks!


      Yours in Health,
      Magnus Eklund (LMT 144, MAP 29, LAP 122, Florida 50-9284, NCBTMB 450063-06 Alabama)


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