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Congratulations – Myofascial Therapy CE Level 3 Graduates!

Photo Information – From top left: William Boren, Dawn Martin, Jody Hunter, Anthony Anderson, Nicole Gwaltney & Travis Sledge; From bottom left: Sandra Thomas Brown, Kysha Lawson, Kim Colle & Melissa Benson.   As word about the benefits of Myofascial Therapy is spreading, more body workers are becoming interested in obtaining certification in the provision (...)

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Myofascial Training & Patience: A Student Perspective

  Editor’s Comment: Patience is an important virtue because it can be a gateway to other virtues. With deep and patient observance and application, one can learn charity. A patient observance of our own actions can bring humility. Additionally, the exercise of patience can lead to deeper life experiences. In this way, it can function (...)

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Synergetic® Myofascial Tour 2014

For the past 14 years or so, I have been traveling weekends on my Synergetic® Myofascial Tour to teach Myofascial seminars to therapists interested in learning these techniques so that they may obtain practice certification, in order to bring these health-supporting techniques to a wider community. I see this as an important goal since all (...)

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