Outlook for the New Year: Healthy Progress! Homestructural integrationOutlook for the New Year: Healthy Progress!

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There is much exciting news to report for MindandBodyinc.com and Mind and Body, Inc. as we look back over the past year and glance ahead to the year before us. We have new workshops, new workshop locations, upcoming new DVDs and more. We are also pleased to report that we are deepening ties with many of our present and continuing workshop locations. Additionally, this has been a year of personal good health for me as well, for which I am grateful. Furthermore, I wish to thank you all for your support! I am happy to be able to continue to bring health-improving techniques to others. For all this news and more, please read on.

*** Happy New Year from MindandBodyInc.com!

Here at MindandBodyInc.com we are looking forward to a fantastic year for 2014, especially since 2013 was such an incredible year for us. In 2013, the reach of the Synergetic ® Myofascial seminars grew expansively: I am now teaching in 4 states, and have taught in excess of 20 workshops this past year. In addition, I am very excited to add Miller Motte College in Clarksville, TN (Nashville metro area) to the schedule in 2014. Continuing contracts for 2014 include those with Swan River Yoga in New Orleans, LA for two seminars and those with the Blue Cliff College locations in Mississippi and Louisiana. Furthermore, we observed significant interest at the Massage Institute of Memphis in 2013, with substantial registrations, where both a level 1 & 2 seminar was completed in October and November.

Moreover, we are looking into adding Georgia, Kentucky and North Carolina as new states for the seminar schedule in late 2014 and in 2015, so spread the word. I have also made contact with practitioners internationally, in Australia, Norway, Sweden and the UK for possibly workshops there in 2015. I am presently putting together a workshop for Norway in August of 2014.

Scheduling Workshops: Contact Us

If you are interested in hosting a workshop contact me at: MagnusE@aol.com for workshops in the US or other countries, or my agent Suzanne Schwing at: Suzanneschwing63@gmail.com for workshops in the US only. We will be happy to work with you to add your location to our growing schedule!

We have now completed four level-2 seminars, and we will have our first level-3 seminar on January 24 at Dawn Martin’s Pilates Studio in Hattiesburg, MS. Level 4 (25 hours) and level 5 (100 hours), to be offered in 2015, will complete the entire 10 session catalog of Synergetic ® Myofascial Therapy based on the amazing work of Dr. Ida P Rolf.

Current and Upcoming DVDs & More

In other news for MindandBodyInc.com, we filmed sessions 4 and 5 of Synergetic ® Myofascial Therapy in New Orleans in August, and we have now completed editing. We are presently looking to offer them both commercially via the website as downloadable purchases; they should be available sometime in the near future. Note: DVDs should be available around April 2014 on the website and in seminars. Sessions 1, 2 & 3 are currently available for purchase on my website at www.mindandbodyinc.com

DVD cover photo: Session 4 & 5
We continue to work to improve the look and function of our website, despite its recent debut in April-May 2013. We wish to make it as functional and informational for our viewers and seminar attendees as possible, so if you have any specific suggestions, we are happy to have them. You can send them to us via the email form provided at the bottom of every web page or you can email me directly at magnuse@aol.com. I am very excited that we are now listing Synergetic ® Myofascial practitioners on our website with their level of training and location. I am also happy to report that in the last six months of 2013 our website had 1,139,890 hits and nearly 23,000 visitors. In November we reached an all time monthly high of 256,536 hits and almost 5,000 visitors. People from 96 countries viewed content of website (the top six countries contributing the bulk on viewers were: the US, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, Ukraine, and China). Onward and upward!


Furthermore, I am grateful to be working with Lisa Flores on developing home study courses based on our DVD 10 series. This is not a substitute for hands on training, of course, but when times get busy, they can be a useful tool that provides an important complement to such training.

Our Structural Integration sessions are offered in Hattiesburg on Wednesdays and in Biloxi on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and sometimes Fridays. In terms of new client registrations, it takes approximately 3-4 weeks to get into the schedule, at this point, but I am taking new clients. I mainly work with a Synergetic ®Myofascial 10-session series, based on the amazing work of Dr. Ida P Rolf. Other modalities I use in my work include Active Isolated Stretching (AIS), PNF, Visceral Manipulation and Craniosacral therapy.

Thankful for Good Health

On a personal note, I ended the year strong with my own yoga and pilates practice. Thanks Susan Labreque and Dawn Martin (You rock!) for introducing me to Joe Pilates remarkable core work! It has been helpful not just for my back but for sustaining my energy level in the bodywork I perform as part of my therapeutic practice. My fantastic trainer Charles Wombolt has also gotten me to understand the importance of interval training as I am getting older. Shorter but more intense strength and cardiovascular training has been a lot of fun, well, most of the time anyway, and it has helped to keep me injury free.

Thanks to everyone who has supported me throughout this past year, and in all years, in my quest to gain more knowledge and to help individuals in achieving well being and good posture. I am very grateful to be able to do what I do every day.

Happy New Year!

From Mind & Body, Incyour infinite source for structural balance
~ Magnus Eklund
(BCSI, LMT 144, LA 6971 CYT)



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